From My Desk-November 2021

Phew, that was close.

With Covid getting to Stratford last week we all worried that we would again be working from home. Seems we got lucky, but even so Covid is impacting on many clients, with us undertaking many wage subsidy & resurgence payment applications on behalf of those affected.

We await the outcome of the Government Covid mandate. The “No Jab-No Job” may get a few more over the line but otherwise is going to cause friction in otherwise rational, reasonable & educated people. Watch this space.

Note- the H & A team are all double jabbed.

The temperature is finally lifting with some lovely warmer days & some too warmer nights. Our farmers will be appreciating any rain they get from now on, as they continue to fund the NZ economy following the demise of tourism & Auckland.  Well done farmers. 

With the milk pay-out at high levels we expect to be busy reviewing tax payments over the coming months. Please contact your client manager, should you wish to undertake some tax planning activity.

Till next time,


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