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feeSmart: The Smart way to pay your professional fees

Astute cashflow management is essential for operating a successful business. In today’s competitive environment many businesses prefer to spread their professional fees over the year rather than paying as a single lump sum just like rent or insurance premiums.

feeSmart is a monthly payment option available to our clients who prefer to fund their professional fees over a six or twelve month period. feeSmart is:

  • Sensible: Existing cash or credit lines (eg bank overdraft) are retained for other business needs.
  • Simple: A feeSmart agreement and Direct Debit authority are all that is needed
  • Stress-free: Avoid becoming an overdue debtor with your professional advisors
  • Smart: The small credit charge is also a deductible expense to your business

We know that clients using feeSmart are generally quite capable of paying their professional fee as a lump sum BUT they simply prefer to manage their cash more effectively.

If you wish to explore this option either contact us today or visit for details.

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Banklink allows us to access your bank statements electronically. It saves processing time so we highly recommend this service to all clients.

BankLink InvoicePlus is a simple and easy-to-use invoice program that produces professional invoices.

It is user friendly and speeds up the invoicing process so that you can spend less time in the office and more time getting on with the job.

InvoicePlus enables you to also maintain customer information, issue quotes, enter receipts, create credit notes, produce statements, and run reports. If you wish to explore this option either contact us today or visit

With BankLink Records Organiser you can organise your records to provide to us at year end. It’s ideal for owner-operated small businesses. Poor quality records provided by clients cause frustration in accounting practices, slowing down processing, leading to queries and ultimately to higher fees. Using BankLink Records Organiser improves record quality, speeds up turnaround and saves you money.

3 versions are:

  • Classic for use by farming clients
  • Metropolitan for use by commercial clients
  • Rental property a smaller folder for use by clients who are in the business of owning rental properties.

To help understand how keeping your records in good order can help us process your accounts in less time, contact us or please visit:

  • BankLink’s website
  • View BankLink demo
  • BankLink’s Client Tools: PayablesPlus
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