Client Information

At Hughson & Associates we aim to provide you the best service at reasonable cost. We have a time-based fee structure and will do all we can to let you know how to reduce the amount of time it takes us to complete work for you.


Before the first meeting with us, please gather together so you can bring with you:

  • An outline of what you require from us (or of your goals so we can create the ‘to do’ list).
  • Previous years’ financial statements and current year financial records.
  • Trust Deed(s) if any
  • Contact details for yourself, partners, bankers, lawyers and other advisors.
  • Listing of IRD numbers.
  • List of any financial interests and share holdings.

Preparation of financial statements:

Our staff process records and produce a draft set of financial statements. These then go to the Accountant who reviews them and considers tax planning. Tax planning could save you thousands and is a critical part of our service. Staff then finalise the financial statements according to the Accountant’s instruction. Sometimes you’ll receive a call to discuss a problem or options. Overall our processes are designed to minimise hassle, time and costs and produce the best possible outcome for you.


In our peak period between May and December turnaround time could stretch to 3-4 months or more. Please be patient during this period. If your work is required urgently please tell us and we’ll see what we can do. In the off-peak period between January and March turnaround time can drop significantly.

Paying Accounts on time:

Please help us to provide you excellent service by paying your accounts on time. Without payment we cannot provide the resources to give you prompt service. We know that you want the best service possible and we ask to be given the opportunity to provide it.

Our policy is to hold further work until overdue accounts are paid. If you are having difficulty in paying your account, we can offer you the following services:

  • Weekly or monthly payment arrangement
  • Eftpos facilities including payment by credit card
  • smartAR

Please note that after a period of time we will forward overdue accounts to a debt recovery agency.

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