Working with a range of people in different businesses and situations we are continually adding value to people’s ventures and lives.

Hughson & Associates is adept at understanding and attending to all the details required for a business to be well-structured, well-run and increasingly valuable, and for individuals to understand and maximise their financial position.

Our services fall into 4 broad and inter-related categories:

The Numbers:

Which numbers are critical to know?

From farming to fashion, every industry has key indicators of productivity, profitability and overall performance. By getting to know your business (the one you are about to buy or invest in, the one you own, or the one you are looking to sell partially or completely) we can help identify the most important numbers and the contributing factors. This will impact every aspect of business operation, management and development.

Hughson & Associates provides: Assessment of the critical numbers; development of financial management reports that present those numbers; business and company share valuations; Structuring of new and existing business entities. Advice on the most effective structures to maximise taxation benefits to business owners and shareholders.


Access to accurate numbers.

How do you readily access numbers and other information, ensure compliance, produce meaningful reports and fulfil all other accounting-related responsibilities in a systematic and streamlined way?
Online, offline, in the cloud, in a server room, which software is best for your business, what works with what and where can you use it? Then of course who does what, who reports on what, who completes what and how is that all achieved in a timely, accurate, sustainable and legally compliant manner?

Hughson & Associates provides: Advice on record-keeping, accounting and computer systems; preparation of financial statements; preparation and filing of company statutory returns; processing of debtor's ledger; processing of payroll; client creditor management; Reviewing management information systems to improve efficiency and administrative productivity


What do the numbers mean for the present and future?

What can be measured can be managed so which key trends do the numbers highlight? What has fundamentally changed in the business, the industry and/or the market? If changes are made with this or that, what’s the implication?

Hughson & Associates provides: Preparation of cash flow projections; ‘what if’ analysis; opinion on general business investment


Where to from here?

With up-to-date key information available in a useful format and analysed to help determine current and possible future performance, what needs to happen to meet the shareholder expectations and business potential?

Hughson & Associates provides: Preparation of business plans; financial management/directorial overview; preparation of budgets for management and funding services; assistance and advice in obtaining local finance for new projects or further business development; preparation of submissions for raising finance for purchase of new plant and equipment; advice on financial structuring of business and capital requirements; advice on all aspects of GST, FBT, entertainment tax and Kiwisaver schemes; updates on changes in tax legislation; income tax planning for all business entities, companies, individuals and trusts, including plans to minimise tax; seminars and training courses on accounting & financial management;