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Informative, measurable and meaningful numbers…

While many things have changed, evolved and sped up in this world, numbers remain the bottom line when assessing business and personal financial performance and position. Our promise to you as a Hughson & Associates client is to make the numbers informative as a measure of the past and present, and meaningful as a tool for the future.

It’s a great Kiwi story

Mark Hughson worked as a gofer at a Hawera-based accountancy practice during his university holidays. Now he owns the business, employs 20 staff and has his...

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Adding Value

Working with a range of people in different businesses and situations we are continually adding value to people's ventures and lives. Adept at...

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Giving Back

At Hughson & Associates we believe in the importance of giving back to the local community and we are proud to support many local community groups...

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