Your Place and Mine

“Thank you for your service. Smiley faces and jokes take the pressure off running a small business. I also like the fact you guys ‘are real’ with no ‘falseness’ and the cheerful helpful service is great.”
Denise Gerrard

Find Your Focus

“Luke Kemeys provided and continues to provide an excellent service. He went above and beyond to gain a better understanding of my business and I now happily refer any of my new additions to him”
Aaron Shepherd

Automotive Servicing 2012 Ltd

“Luke has performed well for me and answered all my questions and enquiries in a very professional manner”
David McClellan

Wishing Well Flowers

Mark at Hughson & Associates was a wonderful accountant over the 12 years that I owned Wishing Well Flowers located in Hawera. Mark and his staff were always approachable, and came to know me personally. Mark talks in a language I could understand and is dedicated to his clients.

From Florida

I have been very pleased with Sandra’s work and all folks at Hughson’s. Unfailingly thorough, polite, friendly and professional. Happy to recommend Hughson’s to any parties needing accounting services in South Taranaki.
Robert Faske

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