GST warranty

Near the top of the first page of the Auckland District Law Society “Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate” sits the following question: The vendor is registered under the GST Act in respect of the transaction evidenced by this Agreement and/or will be registered at settlement: Yes / No. The answer to the question …

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Olympic pandemic

  The 2021 Olympics will be like no other. It is the first ever Olympics to have been postponed. Previously, two Olympics were cancelled during the two world wars, but never postponed. It is the first-time karate, surfing, climbing and skateboard have featured, and baseball and softball return after a 13-year absence. It is also …

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Cryptocurrencies – Are they on your radar?

  Cryptocurrencies have been garnering worldwide attention recently, particularly with Bitcoin’s dramatic rise to over NZD$90,000 for a Bitcoin in April 2021, and its subsequent 50% crash through May and June. Other cryptocurrencies, deemed ‘altcoins’, have also seen similar price volatility. These coins adopt the same principles as bitcoin, with slight changes and tweaks to …

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