Pink collar crimes

Pink Collar Crimes

We have likely all heard about white collar crimes, where financially motivated nonviolent crimes such as embezzlement are committed by high profile business people. However, pink collar crimes, referring to typically female office workers in low-to mid-level positions who steal money from their employers, have been on the increase. One of the largest instances was …

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Is the grass greener over the ditch?

Is the grass greener over the ditch?

Australia has recently released its 2020-21 Federal Budget where they plan to combat the effect of Covid-19 by investing in infrastructure, job creation, asset write offs and personal tax cuts. Meanwhile in New Zealand, Labour continues their plan to keep New Zealand moving by investing in people, jobs, small businesses, infrastructure and global trade. Australia’s …

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Employee accommodation

Employee Accommodation

The treatment of employee accommodation (and taxable allowances) can be confusing. In 2015 the rules around employer-provided accommodation were subject to a reform, with the changes intended to provide greater clarity and cohesion for employers to understand their tax obligations. Previously, a net benefit approach was acceptable, where accommodation provided to an employee was not …

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Directors duties

Directors’ duties

Company directors have a duty under the Companies Act 1993 to not trade recklessly or take on obligations that their business cannot perform. Balancing the continued survival of a company versus their obligation against reckless trading has been a key feature of the Covid-19 economic environment. Recognising that the economic impact of Covid-19 placed some …

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