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Covid rewards

  As the world moves to a vaccine-based approach to manage Covid-19 there have been some interesting incentives to boost vaccination rates. Across New Zealand, organisations including KFC, New Zealand Rugby and local burger and kebab joints have got on board by giving away freebies to vaccinated individuals. However, Amazon’s incentives top these freebies after …

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Supply shortages

COVID-19 has fundamentally disrupted global trade to the point there are a number of product shortages starting to play out, and in some cases of some surprising items: The shipping containers themselves: With only two makers of shipping containers globally and containers being trapped in the congestion at ports, there is now a shortage of …

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Business interruption due to Covid-19

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic had an immediate impact on businesses nationwide. Lockdowns and the border closure have caused massive disruption. For many this was temporary, for some, permanent. Inland Revenue has released a draft Interpretation Statement “Income tax and GST – deductions for businesses disrupted by Covid-19 pandemic”. The statement sets out Inland …

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Employment recovery

Over a year on from NZ’s level four lockdown, businesses and communities alike have experienced their fair share of highs and lows. Many have had to rapidly adapt to the Covid-19 induced restrictions. For some, they have benefited from unpredictable productivity gains, meanwhile others have struggled to regain pre-pandemic momentum. Employment levels slumped to an …

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Government addresses housing affordability

On the 23rd March 2021 the Government announced that it would make a number of changes to the taxation of residential property to address housing affordability. Legislation has been enacted implementing some of the announced changes, whilst the balance are to be consulted upon before further legislation is drafted. Legislated changes – The bright-line test …

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Pink collar crimes

Pink Collar Crimes

We have likely all heard about white collar crimes, where financially motivated nonviolent crimes such as embezzlement are committed by high profile business people. However, pink collar crimes, referring to typically female office workers in low-to mid-level positions who steal money from their employers, have been on the increase. One of the largest instances was …

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Is the grass greener over the ditch?

Is the grass greener over the ditch?

Australia has recently released its 2020-21 Federal Budget where they plan to combat the effect of Covid-19 by investing in infrastructure, job creation, asset write offs and personal tax cuts. Meanwhile in New Zealand, Labour continues their plan to keep New Zealand moving by investing in people, jobs, small businesses, infrastructure and global trade. Australia’s …

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