Covid rewards


As the world moves to a vaccine-based approach to manage Covid-19 there have been some interesting incentives to boost vaccination rates.

Across New Zealand, organisations including KFC, New Zealand Rugby and local burger and kebab joints have got on board by giving away freebies to vaccinated individuals. However, Amazon’s incentives top these freebies after they gave away 18 prizes including cars and $100,000 pay-outs in an employee sweepstake worth nearly $2m.

Overseas, some countries are going all out in a bid to get their population vaccinated. Across the ditch, fully vaccinated Australians have the chance to win one of eight prize packs from Qantas, consisting of a year’s worth of free flights, hotel stays and fuel, valued at $85,450 each. In the USA, Minnesota has given vaccinated teenagers the opportunity to win a $100,000 college scholarship, New York City offers either $100 or a free attraction ticket and Washington is offering teenagers AirPods to boost vaccination rates.

Incentives for vaccinated individuals differ from country to country from a local Japanese Government offering a car as a prize and a Hong Kong property developer raffling off an apartment worth $1.4m, to Romanians receiving a barbequed sausage and a Philippine town raffling off a cow. Everyone does love a freebie, and as a country, we will try anything to get across the line of freedom and enjoy a Kiwi summer this year.

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