From my desk – February 2022

2022 has taken off with a bang! We have rising interest rates; rising inflation and still property prices push upwards…

Now we have Omicron on the horizon you will find that the Hughson & Associates team are working as remotely from each other as practical. We are making full use of our satellite offices in Opunake, Patea and New Plymouth.

Some staff will work from home just in case we get an outbreak; we want to be able to still provide our clients with awesome service.

In the last newsletter we asked for some rain for our farming clients – we certainly got that over the last two weekends, and it looks like more will be coming this weekend.

The overnight dairy auction again bumped up with high prices, we suspect the milk pay-out will go higher yet.

If you wish to review your tax situation, please contact your client manager to arrange this.

Til next time,



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