From my desk…


I hope you all had a joyous Christmas/New Year and spent time with family and friends. As we wind down to 31 March (end of the tax year), we start chasing up client jobs that have yet to come in and finishing off jobs that have been ‘parked’ awaiting some event or further information. This can be a stressful time as our deadline targets with IRD hinge on us getting all our clients work filed by 31 March.

We are finding that the high interest rates are sucking a lot of clients cashflow, making them reassess plans, and look hard at all expenditure items. If you need help with budgets or forecasts, please contact your client manager to assist. Note that your budget/forecast can be loaded into Xero, this allows you to get reports comparing actual results to budget on a regular basis and prevent any big surprises at year end.

Please give us a call.



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