Final word from Pottsy

Having been at Hughson’s for the last 14 years its time to retire on 31st March. Starting here in February 2010 and seeing the staff reduce by over 50% due to modern technology and systems. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and the friendly and helpful staff.

I have found Mark to be a great boss and a very generous person, especially on our Xmas days out each year. I will also miss his famous Xmas cake and his bottle of cough medicine (Glayva).

I also have met many of Marks clients over the years and have found them all very approachable and helpful answering my queries.

Being a person who likes a bit of fun in the office, I have played a few pranks on the staff and got my own back sometimes. One time I remember was when I was asked to go to reception and help move a large parcel that the courier had dropped off. I took Daniel, a staff member, with me to help. Once there and seeing this large box in reception, we leant over to see how heavy it was, and then out of the box jumped a female staff member! We both jumped high and nearly shit ourselves, much to the delight of the other staff watching.

I am looking forward to retirement and chasing a little white ball around the golf course, instead of pushing a pen and tapping a keyboard. And yeah, no more timesheets to fill in.

I’m leaving you clients with a very capable team being led by a very efficient office Manager in Sandra and a great boss.


Mark Potts (Pottsy)

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