Taranaki Rural Support Trust

Fostering and supporting the well-being of all Taranaki rural peoplerural-support

When circumstances beyond your control lead to a climatic, financial, environmental or personal crisis, the Taranaki Rural Support Trust is ready to help. Services are free and all calls are confidential.

The Taranaki Rural Support Trust is part of a nationwide network of Rural Support Trusts that can assist Farming and Rural families and their communities. If an adverse event is declared they are able to access Government funding and utilize support from many Government agencies to help rural individuals and communities get back on their feet.

The Trust covers the entire Taranaki region encompassing the catchments controlled by the three local councils and the Taranaki Regional Council.

The Trust members are rural people with a wide range of experience and knowledge in dealing with challenging rural situations. The Trust has a trained coordinator to manage responses and experienced facilitators available who travel to where they are needed.

Contact is one-on-one at a location that suits you and is confidential.

How They Can Help

First and foremost the Taranaki Rural Support Trust is about rural people helping rural families and their communities to cope during difficult times.

The Trust and its coordinator (Marcia Paurini) are skilled in assisting rural people through adverse climatic events such as flooding, drought, snowstorms and severe winds. These adverse events can severely impact on day to day life and viability, but they also assist with financial, animal welfare, and personal crises. The Trust is well connected with rural networks, rural professionals, Civil Defence plus local and central government agencies, making the Trust well placed to get things done that might otherwise be difficult for the individual.

More specifically the Trust can:

Help during and following an adverse weather event: The Trust is directly linked into local Civil Defence and can provide you with information and assist you in getting emergency or on-going help. This may include movement of stock, financial and family support, labour or other needs.

Help facilitate and advocate: The Trusts coordinator can help by facilitating assistance from financial organisations, government agencies, and farm management consultancies.

Support during personal, environmental or financial difficulties: The coordinator and facilitators are trained to help find ways to manage these types of rural challenges. Often all that is needed is someone to talk to and listen to your problems. They may assist with referrals to appropriate professional help such as financial and farm management, mentoring, stress management and counselling.


Early intervention by the Rural Support Trust can help to alleviate the effects of issues you are dealing with before they become overwhelming. If you or someone you know in the rural community needs help please call them immediately.

Freephone: 0800 787 254

Rural Support Trust office

15 Young Street

New Plymouth


They have dedicated support personnel who are available to assist and are just a phone call away.

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