Online reviews – what might they reveal

Engaging with customers is always important and in the current environment, online interaction with customers has become exponentially relevant. In a 2017 survey, 87% of people said that a business needed an online rating of at least 3 stars for them to use the business, and 84% trusted online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. The same survey reported that on average, one negative review can cost a business 30 customers.

However, sometimes online reviews are not always as they appear. A review by a Texas man on Speartip Security Services’s (‘Speartip’) Google page was made just days before multiple arrests were made. The review read as follows:

“Speartip is very professional and on top of it. They get the job done in an expedited time. Couldn’t imagine using anyone else!!” To which Speartip responded: “Thank you for the kind words. Always a pleasure working with you.”

Although the interaction appears innocent enough, the reviewer was apparently referring to assistance in helping orchestrate a double murder, involving the review writer’s former girlfriend and her current partner.

An individual who was also suspected of being involved with the murders had left a review on Speartip’s Google page eight months earlier, praising the business for being “very professional” and for responding quickly to their concerns and “immediately” covering their needs.

Next time you’re reading a customer review, there might actually be more than meets the eye.

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