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As most of you are now aware, Luke Kemeys left us in November after four years of service. He’s working in Auckland until the middle of next year before embarking on some travel through the USA and then onto Brazil where him and a group of friends from university will support another university friend captaining the NZ Sevens team at the Olympics. Luke is also in training just in case he gets the call up or the opportunity to arm wrestle Sonny Bill Williams. From here Luke is off to London to get back into some Accounting work.  Some things Luke has learnt since being in Auckland:

  • You can’t just talk to everyone in the streetlukes view out window
  • You have to pay to go to work here (parking)
  • People try to paint your car with their car bumpers
  • It no longer takes 3 minutes to get to work
  • The view out the window is slightly different

Luke would like to pass on that he is missing the rural lifestlye of Taranaki and wishes all clients a safe Christmas and New Year. He looks forward to catching up with you all in the future when he’s back in town.

Lillian Drake has also left Hughson & Associates.  If you have any payroll queries, please contact Kylie Moir.

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