Health & Safety at Work Act 2015

New Regulations took effect from 1st April 2016.

Any Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (“PCBU”) is responsible for workplace health & safety.

A business entity such as a company, trust, partnership or sole trader now has the primary duty under the new law to ensure health and safety of workers and other affected by work it carries out – this includes contractors and includes their & safety logo

This means that company directors, partners in a partnership or any person who occupies a position that allows them to exercise significant influence over management have a duty to make such policies for health & safety are liable.  All businesses need to implement a Health & Safety Policy / Plan and identify hazards and risks and put controls in place for these.

Accident, injury and near misses need to be reported to their manager / officer.  These need to be recorded and investigated to make sure these accidents don’t re-occur in the future.  Serious (hospitalised) accidents need to be reported to Worksafe NZ (0800 030 040).

It is a good idea to have a register for visitors and contractors and you need to make all contractors aware of hazards / risks.

Training records for staff are very important – you need to document that they have had training and are competent and you should also hold regular meetings and involve staff and management of hazards.

If you ride motorbikes (farm or other) on the road, you need a licence to do this.  In addition, tractors require fire extinguishers and if they contain lap belts, these must be worn.

If you need help setting up a Health & Safety Policy, please contact Francis Smith of Health & Safety Systems Ltd on 0274 986 299 or email:

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