From My Desk…

Hi all,

Spring is almost here and most of our farming client’s are flat out with calving. The winter hasn’t been too harsh to us this year but I don’t want to jinx that for the upcoming months.

Fonterra have done what many expected and reduced the pay-out with many expecting a further decrease. As we know, commodity prices; including milk, can be very volatile so we will be monitoring the situation and suggesting tax re-estimates after Christmas to potentially decrease the tax burden for farmers if the pay-out remains low.

This edition of the newsletter contains some interesting articles on some issues that affect a lot of our client’s. If you would like to suggest a topic for the newsletter then feel free to leave a message with Kylie at reception and we will do our best to cover it for you.

We would also like to express huge congratulations to our staff member Karen Hendren who has had an adorable baby boy with her partner Joseph Ingram.

Enjoy Spring and don’t forget to vote!

Talk soon,


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