From my desk – May 2022

Since our last chat I have had Covid and spent a week trying to work from home. I still cannot make sense of our Governments Covid statistics???

Great news from Fonterra for the coming dairy season – with a midpoint forecast of $9; meaning an opening payout of $5.40/KGmS. This is fantastic news for all of our clients , and NZ as a whole!

Bad news from the Reserve Bank with a 50% increase in the cash rate. Now at 2%, this is a 6 year high for the O.C.R. with a scar warning that it could be 4% by this time next year. This will mean mortgage rates rising and in many cases, double what we have been used to paying!!

In this issue you will find articles all inspired by this governments tinkering with the tax system. An article of interest to clients with Trust structures – points out that we are required to spend extra time this year when completing your accounts to meet the new IRD disclosure requirements.

Till next time,



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