From My Desk- August 2021


Here we go again…

Let’s hope that by the time you read this that we are back in level 2 & are able to see you clients again. Meanwhile we continue to work from home or at the offices behind closed doors, remaining available by email or phone.

Still no word on the Fonterra capital restructure, so we continue to see the share price artificially supressed whilst this uncertainty prevails. Keep watching this space. The forecast dairy prices still look strong even though the recent GDT have not been positive. We have seen some great results from our dairy clients, and as such there are some big tax bills going out. Lucky that NZ has the farmers to keep the country fed and the economy moving.

With Covid making its presence felt again we are busy assessing clients needs and helping out with wage subsidy applications, as well as resurgence grants if applicable. For those that are trying to home school children and run their businesses, I know its tough- makes you appreciate teachers, how they get 25 kids to sit down, listen and learn I don’t know. I am struggling with 2! At least the sun is shining and we are having some beautiful spring days. Enjoy.

Till next time,


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