From My Desk…

2X8A9213 copyGreetings,

We hope calving is going well this year.

With a few beautiful days of sunshine and Fonterra’s promise of $0.50¢ increase, morale has certainly improved.  Last week GDT showed another good lift, let’s hope this cements the $0.50¢ and may mean that they give out more than $0.10¢ before Christmas.

Its springtime and the team at Hughson’s are hard at work pushing out the 2016 financials, GST returns and budgets to try and keep the bankers happy.  There have been some large tax refunds to assist cashflow and clients with Income Equalisation Deposits have been able to pull these back into cashflow also.

Please talk to your Client Manager if you need clarification on Income Equalisation matters.

This year seems to be whizzing past.  My next newsletter will be the Christmas edition !!!

Talk soon, Mark

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