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The new financial year is here and the work seems to be flying in faster than previous years. I suspect that for our farming clients this is due to worry around the payout and the effect this will have on the resulting tax.

It certainly is going to be a testing time for many farmers if we don’t see a bounce back in the pay-out. If you would like to discuss what this means for you and your cashflow then please get in touch with the office. I know a lot of banks are talking to you guys about this and it’s really something each of you should be doing to get an idea where the good and bad months are and what the end result will look like.

We will endeavour to get your 2015 accounts finalised for you as quick as we can but please be patient as there is always a backlog of work during this time. Remember, we can’t file your tax returns until you sign and return your tax declarations so please return these promptly. 

If you need to get in contact with me to discuss anything small or large, feel free to phone the office and book an appointment.

Talk soon,

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