From My Desk – August 2022


I feel we have had enough rain for now. With the majority of the clients in the middle of calving season we hope for more fine sunny days like today!

This issue includes an article on sick leave. Last year Jacinda doubled every worker’s entitlement and my experience this winter shows that it was necessary. Since April we have had 1 or 2 staff away most days due to isolation rules or flu or holidays or statutory holidays including the new one! No wonder we are behind with our workflow. Apologies to clients that would normally have had their work done by now. We are all working hard to catch up.

The cost-of-living payments have caused another bottleneck as clients entitled to these Jacinda dollars won’t receive them until their 2022 tax returns have been completed and filed. Note: You will still get the $$ if you qualify.


I must get back to work. Till next time,


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