From my Desk…

Hi all,

Well it’s been a busy start to the financial year for us here at Hughson & Associates with a number of you handing in the required information very promptly. Thank you for this.

I trust you all had an enjoyable Easter and ANZAC weekend(s) and made the most of the days off. Some parts of the country came to a stand still as people took annual leave to make for a 10 day break!

We appreciate your patience with your annuals, sometimes it is possible for them to be completed before they are scheduled but there are only so many we can process at one time. Things to remember to ensure the process is sped up are; ensuring your questionnaire is signed and returned, providing us with details of any interest you have received during the year as well as what you’ve spent on income protection insurance.

So far we’ve seen the farmers having a good year along with manufacturers whilst some retail client’s are feeling the frustration of slow account payments. With interest rates on the rise spending tendencies may change. It’s always wise to think about what interest rate rises may mean for you personally and your business to ensure you are operating as tax efficiently as you can. Feel free to ask us more regarding this.

The mountain is starting to collect some white powder which is making it harder to leave the house but don’t be put off coming in, you can have a hot coffee whilst you wait if you’d like.

We’ve been trialling some new voiced radio adverts which have seen Luke and I become famous…kind of…Luke now thinks he may apply for the Briscoe’s lady’s job. We hope you’ve heard these.

Talk soon,

Mark Hughson

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