From My Desk…

santas-helperFonterra has blessed us with long awaited news of a lift to $6!  This will certainly help our farming clients and will flow through to our retail and commercial clients in due course, helping the townies.  With this lift taking us well up from the $3.90 of last season and the initial forecasts of $4.25 for 2016/17 season – the next issue will be Tax.

We will need to review clients provisional tax liabilities in the new year to minimise Use of Money interest and/or penalties at the IRD.

We hope that we have felt the last of the earthquakes and hope that our clients (and others) in the affected area get the help required to rebuild their homes / businesses and lives.

My MasterChef quality Christmas cake will be in the office from 1 December 2016.  Please feel free to come in and grab a piece and wash it down with some tasty Port.

We wish all readers a happy, safe and festive holiday period.

Talk soon, Mark

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