Do Hughson & Associates pay wages and/or PAYE on your behalf?

Hughsons Logo symbolAttention all wage clients, if we complete wages and/or PAYE for you and/or your business/company/trust etc, could you please make sure that you are informing Lillian with any of the following leave/bonus details:

  • Sick leave taken
  • Annual leave taken
  • Statutory/Public holidays worked – employee will receive time and a half plus a day in lieu
  • Statutory/Public holidays taken
  • Lieu leave taken (day the employee receives for working on a statutory/public holiday)
  • Bonus payments that have been made to your employees.

If Lillian is unavailable, please leave a detailed message with Kylie at the front desk and Lillian will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively you can send these details through by email to

By law, we have to keep record of this leave information and it also helps us to calculate the final pay owing when your employees decide to terminate their employment with you.

Please note that bonus payments are taxed at a secondary rate which is calculated depending on the employees’ annual income. Bonuses are considered as part of the employees’ yearly earnings therefore student loan, child support, kiwi saver and any other IRD related deductions are to be deducted from this bonus payment.

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