And Lastly…

Mark Hughson, Pottsy and Anna are walking to lunch when they find an old oil lamp.

Anna rubs off some of the grime and a Genie comes out in a cloud of smoke.  The Genie says “I only grant three wishes, so I will grant one for each of you”.

“Dibs on the first one!” says Anna.  “I want to relax on a beach in Hawaii with an endless supply of Mojitos, without a care in the world”.  All of a sudden there is a poof and a cloud of smoke and Anna is gone.

Pottsy is amazed and steps up to go next.  “I want to be transported to Venice Beach with an endless supply of beer with the love of my life”.  Instantly Pottsy is gone.

The Genie then turns to Mark Hughson and says “You’re next”.  Mark thinks for a moment and says “I want both of them back in the office by noon”.

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