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Tax inspectors without borders A new initiative, dubbed "tax inspectors without borders" has been launched to help poor countries crack down on tax avoidance and fund their own development. According to policy research group, Global Financial Integrity, nearly US$1 trillion is estimated to leave poor countries each year in illicit finance, stemming from tax evasion,…
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Are you a Landlord? Tenancy Law Changes coming

The Government wants to change the law so that everyone renting in New Zealand can live in safer, warmer and healthier homes. Lets see what this means for tenants and landlords. If the changes go ahead, all rental properties would have to meet new insulation standards and be fitted with smoke alarms. This would ensure…
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Land – themes of change

There is currently significant public interest in the New Zealand housing market, whether it be issues relating to the Auckland ‘bubble’, property speculation, non-resident buyers, banking restrictions or a combination of these. In response, the Government is introducing a number of changes designed to either directly influence the market, or assist with decision making when…
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